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Understand your customer's behavior

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Welcome to WhatsNet!

WhatsNet was founded on the premise to bring the skills of direct marketing and offline marketing to the online world. We have the digital skills and background to make your next online project a success.

Social media

Social media provides an opportunity for businesses, giving them a personalized platform to connect with their customers. By using social media as a way to advertise for your company, you can speak directly to the consumer in an arena they are comfortable with. Social media allows businesses to connect with customers while shaping their perceptions of products and services. With a minimum investment, companies can enter the social media realm effectively, offering useful information about the products and services of the company. Also, valuable information can be reaped by those who initiate social media campaigns.


With the right skills, processes and technologies, WhatsNet can uncover the key information about how you engage with your customers, effectiveness of your engagements and give you the data to take action to improve the outcome.


Big Data is the hottest buzz phrase in digital marketing and with the growth of cloud computing ? with massive amounts of computing power connected through real-time communication networks, data collection and data management is crutial. WhatsNet will help you manage the data effectively.


The questions effecting digital marketers today is what kind of content to create, and how to deliver it. The average consumer now has a variety of options to turn to from smartphones, tablets, and eReaders, to their computer to get the latest piece of digital content. To be successful in the digital content realm, content creators must determine what is tryin g to be accomplished and what is the best way to present this digital content to the target customers. WhatsNet has the experience and know-how to make your content strategy a complete success!


ECommerce today is not what it was even a few years ago. Today, the focus is on conversions and driving traffic not only upfront but for the long term. At WhatsNet, we'll create a strategic development plan with the focus on your ecommerce objectives.