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  • WhatsNet is a full-service internet marketing company. Our targeted, cutting-edge solutions and ideas will help you attract the right customers, convert leads and grow your business. How will you know your digital marketing program is efficient and cost-effective?

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    WhatsNet is a customer-centric digital marketing agency based in Philadelphia. We’re dedicated to bringing your business visions to life through our knowledge and experience. Our philosophy is simple: Drive Sales and Customers for You.

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The Vive Pro 2, an Expensive Indulgence

If you are looking for an outstanding VR experience, you can’t go past the Vive Pro 2. Despite the higher cost, the Vive Pro 2 is worth every cent, easily outperforming the rest of the market and providing the ultimate VR experience.

It has been five years since the release of the first Vive and original Oculus Rift. In that time, the HTC and Oculus/Facebook VR headsets have noticeably diverged. The Oculus Quest 2 is an affordable standalone VR headset that is very easy to set up and use. On the other hand, HTC offers a PC-based VR headset ideal for high-end VR enthusiasts.

With the price for the Vive Pro 2 starting from $800 just for the headset, which is more than twice the price for the Quest 2, it nevertheless delivers perhaps the best quality at-home VR experience you can get today. But is it really worthy of the ambitious price tag?

Same design, but massive Upgrade
While the Vive Pro 2 still appears to be an almost identical design to the original Vive Pro, the company has actually made several important improvements. HTC has refreshed the comfort of the headband strap and has adjusted the weight balance of the headset to a more balanced 50-50 weight. These changes have made the Vive Pro 2 significantly more comfortable to wear during extended VR sessions. Further design improvements of the Vive Pro 2 include tweaks that make it easier to tilt the goggles up, so the user can quickly see what is happening in meat space.

Climate-Safe Houses of the Future

With climate change an ever-increasing present-day threat, the future is looking more challenging for the resilience of our homes. Built environments globally, are already enduring attack from catastrophic fires, mega-storms, floods, rising sea levels, and escalating temperatures.

Is This the Future?
The concept of weather-resilient houses may conjure fanciful images of futuristic communities floating on water, or cities confined in geodesic domes to shelter from weather extremes. Modern, architecturally designed eco-smart mansions, enjoyed by those who can afford them, can only be admired by the rest of us in the glossy pages of architectural magazines. So, does this mean the future of sustainable and climate-resilient homes is only for the rich and famous?

Building industry commentators assert that climate-resilient homes are possible right now, for the average homeowner, and they will look much like our present-day homes. They advise that barriers preventing our homes from becoming as climate-resilient as possible are not necessarily the development of new technologies, but are actually due to current building codes and regulations. A shakeup of the relevant authorities may be all that is needed to fast-track our adoption of climate-safe building practices.

Sunscreen for Paving to Keep Cities Cool

This week, we have seen roads right across the Western States cracking and buckling under the effects of extreme heat. The heat dome that has been baking vast areas of the United States and Canada has brought the dangers of extreme heat into sharp focus.

It points to the urgent necessity for us to evolve and adapt to changing climate conditions going forward, to ensure that our cities don’t overheat. First and foremost, we need to take steps to reduce the urban heat island. Aside from planting more trees, there are other proactive measures we can take to help keep cities cooler as the climate crisis deepens.

Trade Secret?
Pavement Technology Inc., based in Ohio, has created a novel spray-on treatment for paved surfaces, called A.R.A.-1 Ti, which they claim lowers pavement temperatures. The new technology was developed in collaboration with researchers at Louisiana State University. While the spray's exact ingredients are a trade secret, fundamentally, it is based on titanium oxide which is a compound already used in many sunscreens, pharmaceuticals, and white paints.

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