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  • Whether you’re a start-up looking to craft your brand from the ground up, or an established organization seeking to modernize your image in the marketplace, we help you build a memorable brand. We dig deep to get to know you through our signature B the Brand™ process. From there, we create a face and voice for your brand, from the logo to the font to the way we tell your story. We show people who you are, what you do and how you’re different from competitors, so others will know and love your brand.

Latest Tech News

2021 Will Be All About Apple

Apple has spent the last few years making headline-grabbing changes like its services push, with the $5-per-month Apple TV Plus; its addition of 5G in the iPhone 12; and its hit AirPods wireless headphones, which carry a price tag of $149.

For 2021, Apple will be making changes most of us won't see or care about, but they may be some of its most important moves yet. One example is that Apple is planning to start using custom chips inside more of its Mac computers, leading to thinner and likely longer-lasting laptops.

Apple is expected to debut more lower-priced alternatives to its premium products, too. We already have the $279 Apple Watch SE, and rumor has it the company will take a similar approach with AirPods SE, which could sport a design close to that of the well-reviewed, $249 AirPods Pro noise-cancelling earbuds but without the extras like simulated surround sound.

"Our mission is to create products that play a meaningful role in people's lives," Apple CEO Tim Cook said at one of the company's livestreamed presentations in November. For 2021, he proclaimed Apple will do even more.

A Vertical Farm Without Water

In a massive warehouse in New Jersey, Bowery Farming is trying to change the future of agriculture (all while using 90% less water).

You wouldn't expect to find a farm in an industrial park in the middle of New Jersey.

Specifically, you wouldn't expect to find a farm down the road from Newark Airport, where it's 100 degrees in the shade and the scenery consists of trucks and parking lots. But I haven't come here to find a bucolic green field, I've come here to learn about the future of farming.

Inside a nondescript warehouse, behind locked doors and accessible through a decontamination room, is the headquarters of Bowery Farming. This is 21st century farming, and it looks nothing like the wide open field your grandparents worked in.

Life on Mars

Forget the weird, inflatable habitats you've seen in sci-fi movies. Your future Martian house could actually feel a lot like home here on Earth (even if it looks totally different)

In 2020, the promise of escaping Earth has never been more tantalizing. Our planet is facing a climate emergency as the world burns; entire countries have been put into lockdown over coronavirus pandemic fears; nuclear weapons treaties are unraveling, bringing us closer to the threat of nuclear war ... and if that's not enough to make you want to get the hell out of Dodge, there's another US election this year. Save us.

Though the scientists and technological innovators of the world are working on solutions to save us from the apocalypse , the only viable answer might be to ditch this planet and make our way to a new one.

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